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Canopy Guard is a sustainability startup developing innovative pollination technology for oil palm. Our goal is to reduce deforestation for oil palm plantations by offering alternative growth opportunities through superior investments in existing plantations. We harness the strengths of biology and combine them with modern precision farming technology.

We are a small, multi-national startup with headquarters in Germany and operations in Indonesia. We have a broad partnership network and are looking to expand our team in Indonesia.

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Terms of Reference – Research & Development Manager

Canopy Guard Indonesia seeks candidates for the position of ‘Research & Development Manager’ (RDM). RDM will report directly to the CEO and be part of the management board of the company. RDM will lead a small team of laboratory- and field researchers and -assistants. RDM will also be integrated in inter-institutional teams with research partners.

RDM should have an academic background in the fields of entomology, agronomy, or related fields. RDM needs the ability to prepare research- and trial designs considering resource constraints, and to implement the same. Candidates must be able to lead a team, as well as perform hands-on research.

RDM will be involved in strategy development and implementation as the domain expert for biology and must be able to integrate their domain-expertise with subject matter outside their comfort zone. RDM must be able to communicate technical details and concepts to colleagues of other professions.

RDM will enter a development path for higher management, including research strategy development, management of large teams and management of research partnerships.



  • Lead R&D projects relating to the field-validation of our technology for oil palm pollination
  • Perform all R&D tasks relating to insect production methods, among others but not limited to:
    • Work closely with Technology & Engineering (TE) during design process to develop automation technology to enhance production efficiency and innovate service offering
    • Support TE to develop prototypes according to jointly developed designs
    • Work with TE and Production to test prototypes and assure exhaustive testing of prototypes for effectiveness and usability, as well as implementation of latest iterations in company processes
    • As part of the product- and process design team, you are required to contribute critical thinking to conceptual team-discussions
  • Contribute to strategy development:
    • Contribute to strategy development by providing expert knowledge and -opinion from entomology- and ecology-perspective
    • Integrate domain-expertise with knowledge about the oil palm industry in general and our customers in particular




Required skills

  • Knowledge of the latest developments in biocontrol, agri-tech, precision farming and related industries
  • Ability to lead teams of researchers and research assistants 
  • Ability to communicate abstract concepts and applied technologies to colleagues from other professions
  • Understanding of the South-East Asian oil palm industry and their growing practices
  • Clear understanding of Canopy Guard’s target market to make sure product design and innovation is in line with current challenges and needs


  • A Master’s or PhD degree in entomology, agronomy, or related fields
  • Experience working in research departments of private or public organizations
  • Good communication- and interpersonal skills (including: presentation, managing expectation, negotiation)
  • Fluency in English verbal communication, at least good English writing proficiency

Development outlook

  • The Research & Development Manager will develop to the position of Head of Research & Development (HRD)
  • HRD will train new researchers, and lead a team of researchers for larger R&D projects
  • HRD will propose new research initiatives and creative solutions that deliver not only customer value but also solve business objectives
  • HRD will communicate concepts to stakeholders within and outside of the company
  • HRD will develop and implement a long-term R&D strategy for Canopy Guard