RFP 2066-XX Hiring an Agency to Organize a Hands-on Training

 Dear Potential Bidders, 

Nutrition International “NI” (formerly known as the Micronutrient Initiative) aims to generate innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce vitamin and mineral deficiencies among women, newborns, and children. It builds on robust evidence-based research and evaluation in order to demonstrate excellent return on investment of scaling-up highly cost-effective micronutrient interventions. NI aspires to be a global center of excellence in technical and programmatic support in this field. 

Fortification of industrially processed wheat flour when appropriately implemented is an effective, simple and inexpensive intervention for supplying vitamins and minerals to the diets of large segments of the population. Since 2002, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) has been fortifying wheat flour with iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamins B1 and B2 (SNI 3751:2001). However, this SNI (national standard) only mandated fortification of wheat flour, without specifying the type of iron compound to be used for fortification, this led millers to fortify wheat flour with elemental/electrolytic iron that was not in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Thus, the resulting fortified wheat flour had no significant impact in reducing iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in Indonesia. In 2016, NI supported the Government of Indonesia to initiate revision of SNI 3751:2011 to align the national standard with the WHO recommendations. In 2018, the GoI issued the revised SNI 3751:2018. In order to support the quality control of wheat flour fortification following the revised SNI 3751:2018, NI developed a protocol to identify the type of iron compound in the fortified wheat flour. To strengthen the monitoring and quality control of the fortified wheat flour as per SNI 3751:2018, NI proposes to train government laboratory personnel and inspectors. Therefore, NI is seeking an agency to organize a hands-on training in a laboratory on the identification of type of iron compound used in fortified wheat flour for government monitoring inspectors and laboratory personnel. 

This Request for Proposals (RFP) and particularly the Guidelines for Preparing Proposals that follow, are designed to help Respondents to produce proposals that are acceptable to the NI, and to ensure that all proposals are given equal consideration. It is essential, therefore, that respondents provide complete information, in the attached formats and on the terms specified. 

Kindly find detailed RFP along with TOR and Budget Template in the link as follows: 

The submission deadline for proposals is Monday, July 11, 2021 by 17:00 HRS. West Indonesia Standard Time.

The Technical and Financial Proposal in two separate files put into a covering email specifically indicating the subject line “Hiring an agency to organize a hands-on training for government inspectors and laboratory personnel on identification of iron compound added to fortified wheat flour” and should be sent by email to: 





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