RFP 2057-10 Piloting of Digital AHN Program Recording and Reporting

 Dear Potential Bidders,


Nutrition International (NI) has been supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH), Government of Indonesia in implementing Weekly Iron and Folic Acid (WIFA) supplementation and adolescent nutrition interventions for school-going adolescent girls since 2015. The WIFAS program in Indonesia is a multisectoral intervention through the School Health Program (UKS/M), involving four ministries: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs.  MoH has developed recording and reporting formats (R/R formats) to record the distribution of WIFA supplements to school going girls.


Lack of timely and complete submission of data through HMIS remain one of the challenges for AHN programming in Indonesia. NI identified the gap in digitalization of this process at the school/teacher level. In order to overcome this challenge, NI has developed a digital data collection & reporting platform using a mobile based application for the AHN program at the teacher level and Indonesia is one of country that has been selected to pilot the roll out of this mobile based application to minimize the manual data collection and data entry at school/teacher level. 


To organize the training and meetings of piloting AHN program recording and reporting mobile application in Purwakarta district, West Java, NI seeks a suitable agency to organize this event.


Kindly find detailed RFP along with TOR and Budget Template in the link as follows:




The submission deadline for proposals is WednesdayApril 05, 2023, by 23:59 HRS. West Indonesia Standard Time.


The Technical and Financial Proposal in two separate files put into a covering email specifically indicating the subject line “RFP 2057-10 Piloting of Digital AHN Program Recording and Reporting and should be sent by email to:







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