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 Konservasi Indonesia is a national foundation established to support sustainable development in the country. We are the main partner of Conservation International in Indonesia.

We envision a healthy and prosperous Indonesia where biodiversity is valued and preserved. With offices and project sites across Indonesia, we promote a sustainable landscape-seascape approach and establish partnerships with multiple stakeholders across sectors and jurisdictions to deliver lasting impacts for people and nature in Indonesia.

As we are constantly expanding, we are currently looking Consultant to fill the following Terms below:

CONSULTANT (Individual)

Multistakeholder participation for Developing Sustainable Coffee Action Plan in North Sumatra

(code: COFFEE)


1.   General Background  

Conservation International, main partner of Konservasi Indonesia has been working with partners to map coffee and forests in Indonesia to better prioritize areas for conservation and restoration. This effort has highlighted North Sumatra as the main area of Arabica coffee plantations where the results of mapping using satellite imagery analysis show that 13% of coffee plantations in North Sumatra are in protected areas. More specific opportunities include advancing coffee agroforestry systems to enable climate adaptation and support Indonesia’s climate targets. Based on these findings, KI will work with representatives from industry, government and civil society to develop an agreed action plan for one landscape in the province.

2.   Purpose

Konservasi Indonesia team seeks a consultant to carry out the stakeholder interviews and outreach in preparation for a workshop to develop an agreed action plan that can guide future investment and actions in this landscape.  The consultant will also assist in the facilitation and execution of the workshop, the writing of the workshop report and the action plan.


3.   Estimated Timeline 

April – July 2022 (approx. 4 months)  


4.   Deliverables/Estimated Outputs



·       Action Plan workshop preparation and planning

·       Review government (national and sub-national) program and planning and other studies that relevant to this project (agriculture development, restoration, forest conservation, sustainable development, etc,) as key inputs to the workshop and develop slides summarizing the findings

·       Assess and identify potential stakeholders who will participate in series of workshops for this project

·       Develop workshop agendas, meeting materials

·       Draft workshop reports

A report which includes key findings and results of stakeholder interviews prior to the workshop


Agenda and meeting materials for the workshop


List of stakeholders to interview and invite to the workshop

Workshop report


·       Review coffee reforestation data review and validation

·       Study and review the preliminary map of reforestation priorities for coffee in Indonesia (case of North Sumatra). Review government policies and relevant studies

·       Convene workshop with experts to review and validate maps and findings. Representation of experts from different fields and levels is important in this validation process.


A validation report which summarizes the recommendation from experts on restoration priority map for coffee in North Sumatra.


Documentation from the workshops must be included in the attachment of the report.


Co-manage action plan workshop and draft the action plan and workshop report.

·       Develop action plan and design sustainability program to address the risk of deforestation and opportunities of reforestation in coffee production area

·       Convene workshops with stakeholders to identify and prioritize actions. Representation of stakeholders from different fields and levels is important in this workshop (should include representatives from MoA and ICCRI).

·       Draft action plan and submit for review by key stakeholders. The draft of action plan should be based on stakeholder’s inputs from the workshops and assessment/analysis conducted by consultant.

·       Finalize and socialize the action plan to stakeholders including coffee industry associations


Sustainable coffee action plan final report.


Documentation from the workshops must be included in the attachment of the report.


5.   Required Skills and Experience 

1.    Individuals who have knowledge and experience of cultivation, processing and marketing of Indonesian coffee for at least 10 years.

2.    Have a good understanding of the forestry sector, the environment, climate change mitigation and adaptation

3.    Have knowledge of government policies and planning, especially on economic development, agriculture and plantations

4.    Have an understanding of land management policies, mapping and spatial data analysis

5.    Understand Arabica and Robusta coffee cultivation techniques

6.    Have the ability to establish communication with coffee actors at the national, provincial, research institutes and local coffee actors

7.    Have skills in facilitating workshops with stakeholders

8.    Experience working in North Sumatra province

9.    Able to compile reports in English

6.   Submission Requirements

Proposals must be submitted in English. All proposals must include:

·       CVs

·       Relevant references to prove technical qualifications and experience

·       Detailed budget

·       Work Plan detailing methods and approach to be used to carry out each task, means of collection/analysis, and timeline of activities to be implemented


Please send the required document (point 6 above) in PDF to:



Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mail with this format:

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Closing date for the application is 1 April 2022 at 17:00 WIB at the latest