Vocational Training Center Manager in North Bali


AMISEWAKA is a vocational training center based in Desa Les, Tejakula, North Bali.  This facility will provide education to primarily low income students in a variety of vocational and sustainable subjects (culinary skills, permaculture agriculture, Living Values Education (nilai2 edukatif) and Cultural Preservation) as well as assist in job procurement.

There will be a training kitchen and restaurant on the grounds.

Key Responsibilities:

1.    Directly assisting the Project Supervisor to oversee all operational and administrative functions.

2.    Be responsible for the Company budget, solvency and legality of the PT under Indonesian law

3.    Plan and develop implementation strategy for the AMISEWAKA Desa Les Community Center with the Project Director.

4.    Manage all operational activities of the training center including staffing (with the Human Resources and Relationships Director) facilities, and coordination with suppliers and vendors.

5.    In coordination with the Project Supervisor, Operations Consultant, Academic/Curriculum Director and HR and Relationship Director, formulate standard operational procedures (SOP) and PP (Peraturan Perusahaan).

6.    Develop training center strategies and initiatives that reflect the goals of the Center.

7.    Assist the Project Director in procuring any legal documents needed for operations.

8.    Oversee with the Financial Manager the setting up of bank accounts and a financial system.

9.    Prepare business plans and helps adhere to budget.

10.  Help the Head of Academics create a solid curriculum, incorporating Living Values Education into all aspects of the curriculum.

11.  Coordinating with and coaching the Human Resources and Community Officer, Head of Academics, Finance Officer and Facilities Supervisor.

12.  Assist the Project Director with socializing the Center to the general public as well as to potential donors.

13.  Assisting the Human Resources and Community Officer with recruitment where needed.

14.  Liaise with all relevant agencies (government and private) and community leaders to ensure that the project runs smoothly and in accordance with local adat and administrative law.

15.  Assist the Project Director in outfitting the office and sourcing materials for the Center.

16.  With the Human Resources Community Officer, Head of Academics and Finance Manager create and implement new impact and revenue

generating projects that are in line with the PT’s mission and vision.

17.  Willingness to integrate Living Values Education into all aspects of the Center.


1.    Indonesian nationality

2.    At least a S-1 degree.

3.    At least five years experience as Vocational Training Center director or the equivalent.

4.    Prefer to have at least one year experience in Community based project.

5.    Willingness to go through LVE training.

6.    Be on the ground daily to ensure that AMISEWAKA is managed properly.


1.    Advanced spoken and written English. Experience with foreign clients, co-workers and management.

2.    Excellent oral and written Indonesian and, if possible, oral Balinese.

3.    Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office; database and accounting

programs; internet and website)

4.    Ability to work independently but also a team player, able to delegate, attention to detail.

5.    Excellent communication skills

6.    Displays cultural, gender, religious and age sensitivity and adaptability

7.    You will be a person with passion for your work and compassion for those less fortunate.  Your integrity and honesty and the ability to work

with all layers of society will be of utmost importance.  A sense of humor interwoven with patience is a must!

8.    Willingness to live in East Buleleng.

9.    Willing to undergo Living Values Education training

Salary commensurate with experience.

Transport allowance (for motorbike and for work related trips only)

Telecommunication allowance

Health insurance

This is a full time position with hours from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m, Monday-Friday.

Timeframe:  in a Consultancy position beginning December 2021.  Full time beginning February 2022.


The Amisewaka campus is a healthy, green zone.    No smoking or alcohol is allowed.

Applications can be sent to :  R.Ballinger@amicorp.com, cc’ed to rucina@indo.net.id.