Yayasan Suluh Insan Lestari: Language Surveyor/Facilitator

 Why preserve language and culture?

With 719 mother tongues, Indonesia is the second country with the richest number of languages in the world.
However, every four years, dozens of extinct languages are no longer spoken. Language brings culture, if one language is lost, the culture is also lost.
How have we been maintaining the language all this time? Do we still speak our mother tongue? Are we teaching to the next generation? 
What about in the years to come, who will be the speakers of our meaningful language, which is sometimes irreplaceable with other languages?
Together we develop and use our mother tongue to build the nation. Mother tongue, a language close to the heart.


Yayasan Suluh Insan Lestari is a christian-based organization and is currently looking forward to working with excellent surveyors/facilitators for a language survey program. 
The surveyors/facilitators will work closely with local/language communities possibly across the country to assess their language and sociolinguistic situations.
It is also likely that they will work together with local churches in some areas.

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All applications will be treated in confidence. Only short-listed candidates will be notified and invited for interviews. Any interested candidates should send their CV together with references to our HRD: Benny Sianturi <benny_sianturi@suluh.org>, copying Debora Elyada <debora_elyada@suluh.orgbefore December 5, 2021.