Call for Consultancy Proposal-Accelerating the Implementation of Sub National Government Policy on Environment

 Terms of Reference

Accelerating the implementation of selected pro environmental policies at Sub National Government


After the enactment of regional autonomy, Indonesian development experiences fundamental shifts regarding the sharing of power between the central and the decentralized government. Decentralized governments are given larger authority to govern its people, including in formulating and in implementing policies unique to its regional need. However, -as frequently criticized by civil society organizations-, decentralized policy implementation often faces challenges in 3 major ways, namely in form of overlapping authorities between the central and the decentralized government stakeholders, low capacity of sub national government human resources and lack of coordination among government stakeholders. As a result, many regulations particularly at sub national government level cannot be enacted effectively and thus affect the people negatively.   

Such policy implementation barriers have also recently been expressed by the green caucus members of parliamentarians, working at both national and sub national parliament level. Many local environmental regulations, such as regulation on waste management, management of river watershed, management of forest fire, disaster prevention, etc., cannot be implemented effectively due its need to coordinate with other districts. Garbage management for example, some decentralized governments do not have space to locate their final waste and therefore must establish partnership with its neighboring district to allocate a common landfill site. Similarly with management of watershed, as river flow passes several districts along its stream, all districts along the river line must share responsibilities to make sure the smooth of the river flow. A recent big flood in the province of South Kalimantan for example, is one concrete negative impact caused by such poor policy coordination among government stakeholders at sub national and national level.

On the other hand, political parties are believed to possess political power over government stakeholders at all level. Moreover, in Indonesian direct election context, head of local governments politically often obey political party leaders more than the government formal-hierarchical structure. Coordination among Majors of same political parties are politically more possible, rather than coordination among Majors of different political parties. Accommodating this context, the Conservatives-Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) Programme intends to facilitate a venue where policy coordination and implementation can be enacted more efficiently, specifically on policies regarding environmental protection. In order to facilitate such venue, the Conservatives-WFD Programme seeks to partner with a consultancy organization that can implement the acceleration of pro environmental policy implementation at sub national government level.


The consultancy shall:

·         Facilitate policy dialogue between government stakeholders (including parliaments) and a political party of a selected sub national government to select one sample of local regulation on environment to use as sample of implementation acceleration

·         Provide a strong literature review and current assessment of challenges and barriers upon the selected policy to be implemented at sub national government level

·         Identify the linkages and connections between political party processes and policy implementation at sub national government level.

·         Determine the best practices and lessons learned from sub national government and political parties in mainstreaming pro environmental policies at sub national level.

·         With sub national government jointly facilitate action regarding the implementation of a selected policy agreed among all stakeholders


Consultancy method and support:

·         The consultant will prepare a work plan within 5 days of the start of the assignment.

·         The consultancy plan shall include a clear role of all concerned stakeholders, particularly the political party and local government stakeholders in the consultancy activities.

·         The consultancy plan shall include at least 2 sub national governments as venue of the activities/project partner

·         The process will be overseen by our Indonesia In-Country Policy Coordinator.

·         The Indonesia Conservatives-WFD In-Country Policy Coordinator will provide guidance and input to the consultancy activities.

·         The Indonesia Conservatives-WFD In-Country Policy Coordinator will help to facilitate informal discussions with political party representatives within the Indonesia Conservatives-WFD Programme.


·         One policy dialogue among relevant sub national government stakeholders and political party

·         One written regulation implementation recommendation as agreed among relevant stakeholders

·         One activity as symbol of policy implementation, including its material support when deem necessary

·         One final report of overall commenced activities



This consultancy is expected to be conducted between 15th of February 2021 and 20th of March 2021, with the final completion of consultancy activity by March 25th 2021.


Requirements for the Consultant Organization

·         Solid knowledge in the area of policy development, climate change and politics

·         Track record of previous, relevant work linked to the consultancy deliverables

·         Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in research on similar topics or areas, and in carrying similar policy implementation support activities

·         Working experience with political organizations on matters of policy, climate change, and governance will be a major asset.

·         Completion of relevant documentation inclusive of supplier form and WFD Due Diligence Form.


Contact Person

Please submit your consultancy proposal (including budget proposal) and your organization profile, along with the attached WFD Partner Due Diligence form which must include your approach to this assignment for our consideration by February 10th 2021. Email to:

The Indonesia Conservatives-WFD Programme