Chief Technology Officer, Based in Denpasar - Bali

Founded in 2019, PT Sahabat Laut Lestari (SLL) is an Indonesian company focused on the integration and use of technology and market-driven incentives to support industry and NGOs’ sustainable fisheries commitments. As an implementation and technology partner of an Indonesian-based NGO, Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI), SLL offers three primary services: 1) Traceability Information Technology, 2) Fisheries Certification implementation, and Fisheries Improvement consultant ation. With the goal of supporting the achievement of triple-bottom line fisheries – ecological, social, and economic – in Indonesia, SLL is a leading innovator in the development of traceability information technology within Indonesian fisheries.

Currently PT SLL is urgently seeking for a Chief Technology Officer with working location in Denpasar – Bali, with frequent travel.


With support from the CFO, MDPI, and technical advisors, the Chief Technology Officer will spearhead the development of SLL. The Officer will serve as the creative force and face of SLL, leading growth, technical collaboration, and business development. This will be done by supporting on-going technology implementation (TraceTales) with established industry partners, identifying potential partnerships, and managing a cadre of skilled programmers. This position will serve a critical role in coordinating various projects, connecting stakeholders (namely industry partners), and keeping a pulse on national and international technological developments.


The responsibilities outlined below may alter throughout time as the program develops, changes, and grows. Due to the employee’s role, s/he will be required to participate in SLL planning and management activities.


1.      Maintain an understanding of fishery supply chains within Indonesian and regionally and the role of traceability, social responsibility, and quality improvement for the development of small-scale fishery communities

2.      Support development of transparency in target supply chains to support market and regulatory demands

3.      Identify potential for traceability as a tool to support development of Indonesian and regional fisheries

4.      Identify and understand the general needs of supply chain actors

5.      Communicate closely and collaborate with industry partners on project implementation

Management and leadership

6.      Lead planning and development of supply chain implementation within SLL projects

7.      Steward and onboard new clients/projects

8.      Support implementation of traceability technology with direction from MDPI’s program director and other department managers

9.      Support staff to develop systems within implementation sites and associated processing plants/ supply chain partners in such a manner that it matches the needs of the program

10.   To work with project partners and implementation teams to identify budget needs of projects and to develop proposals to gain funding for these

11.   To support the SLL management team on appropriate allocation of budgeting within projects and to report on this accounting and company management

Capacity Building and Technical Support

12.   Identify training needs of project stakeholders and staff

13.   Develop training programs for staff and project stakeholders to meet needs of company and the projects being implemented

14.   Develop evaluation systems which allow for improvement of training

15.   Document and disseminate key lessons and strategies to appropriate stakeholders

16.   Develop workshops for PT SLL and in collaboration with other company which support capacity building of industry and government partners on supply chain topics

Accountability & Quality Assurance

17.   Ensure cost-effective and efficient use of resources

18.   Submit regular and timely reporting to relevant program stakeholders

Networking & Coordination

19.   Function as an ambassador of the company when communicating to potentially interested parties

20.   To build and maintain relationships with industry partners participating within the various projects.

Coordinate very closely with the other departments at MDPI to ensure strong collaboration, integration, and support of all programs within and outside of SLL

Strategy Development Evaluation & Planning

21.   Provide input to SLL management on company strategy development

22.   Provide input to SLL management on developing internal systems to support program development

23.   Support, develop, and give input to PT SLL programmatic departments on project development


24.   Other tasks assigned by the Director, which may be related to PT SLL internal management or planning activities


-      Minimum bachelor’s degree in management, Business or Economic.

-      Experience in fishery and factory minimum 2 years

-      Experience in marketing and management minimum 2 years

-      Good English writing and speaking

-      Microsoft Office literacy

-      Enthusiastic, energetic, detail oriented, multitasking

PT SLL is committed to implementing free discrimination recruitment from the elements of SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race and Intergroup), supporting gender equality, anti-trafficking in persons and rejecting all forms of drug use and trafficking.

Send complete application to PT SLL HR via email: with subject: Application: Chief Tech Officer - Denpasar, at the latest on 16 October 2020.