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Dear Potential Candidate,

With the support from Department of Foreign Affair (DFAT) of the Australian government, through the Water for Women (WfW) Fund, Plan International Australia (PIA) and YPII are implementing a transformative WASH project that has a focus on 5 Pillars of Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat (STBM) integrated with gender equality and social inclusion. The project’s formal title is ‘WASH and Beyond –Transforming lives in Eastern Indonesia’, and has the purpose to: “improve health, gender equality and wellbeing of the Indonesian people through inclusive and sustainable WASH”. In collaboration with the local government through the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Working Group, sanitation entrepreneurs, Family Empowerment and Welfare (PKK) and marginalized group organizations, the project will reach 450,000 beneficiaries in Manggarai (NTT) and Sumbawa (NTB) Districts starting from July 2018 until December 2022. The project adopts the government of Indonesia’s 5 pillars of Community-Led Total Sanitation called Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat (STBM 5 Pilar).

The 5 pillars are open defecation free, handwashing with soap, drinking water, and food management, domestic solid waste management, and domestic liquid wastewater management. More information about this project and DFAT’s WfW Fund can be found at https://www.waterforwomenfund.org/en/project/water-for-women---Indonesia.aspx

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, good handwashing behavior becomes paramount because to stop COVID-19 spreading, one key behavior is for everyone to be diligent in these critical handwashing moments and others that target specific COVID-19 risks e.g. after touching surfaces in public places. However, within the existing STBM module, there is no specific method or tool to trigger handwashing behavior with messages related to COVID-19. Thus, there is a need for a study to provide an approach for behavior change communication strategy specifically for STBM Pillar 2 – Hand Washing with Soap, particularly around triggers and motivators. With a pressing need for such a method, a rapid assessment needs to be conducted to derive the desirable handwashing with soap behavior change triggering methods related to COVID-19.

For more Details of TOR can be download via this link :


The proposal can be sent electronically through the email: yayasan.procurement@plan-international.org and mentioning the code: [ WfW_HWWS] in the email subject on 14 August 2020 at the latest.

Shortlisted applicant will be contacted and scheduled for follow up interview in any dates between 17 – 29 August 2020

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