REPOST - GIZ Indonesia for the “Solar Cold Chains for a Green Economy in Indonesia” (SOCOOL) Project: Partnership Engagement Advisor

 The GIZ-implemented Energy Programme Indonesia/ASEAN supports the Indonesian Government in a partner-based approach in achieving its targets for a sustainable energy transition. These include realizing 23% renewable energy in the power mix by 2025 and 34% by 2030, achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2060 and mainstreaming low-carbon technologies as part of an overall economic transformation. 

As one of the measures under the Energy Programme, the “Solar Cold Chains for a Green Economy in Indonesia” (SOCOOL) Project shall create suitable technological and market framework conditions to enable a long-term reduction of CO2 emissions in Indonesia's cooling sector. An industry-based, national approach in partnership with the Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources and the Ministry for Marine Affairs and Fisheries shall ensure contributions to Indonesia’s Vision 2045 and wider green economic transformation. Clear contributions towards Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contributions and renewable energy targets shall be made while achieving socio-economic improvements in related sectors of the economy with high demands for cold chain expansion and preservation of goods. 

The Project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with an overall duration of four years (01/2023-12/2026) and has the general objective: ”Solar cold chains are rolled out in key sectors of the economy as a contribution to climate-friendly green transformation”. Its main outputs are: 

  • Government advice and national planning: Instruments for quantitative and qualitative monitoring support the use of solar technologies in cold chains for national planning processes.
  • Alliances and market development: Technology partnerships have developed adapted technical solutions for solar cold chains.
  • Demonstration: Pilot applications with state actors and the private sector have shown technologically and economically viable examples for the dissemination of solar cold chains. 

The Project closely interacts with other initiatives under the Energy Programme Indonesia/ASEAN.

To support implementation of SOCOOL, we seek one (1) motivated and qualified Indonesian candidate for:  

Partnership Engagement Advisor 


A.    Responsibilities

·         Initiating, developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with the private sector (involved in commercial & industrial cooling), associations, government and non-government institutions and civil society for the achievement of the Project objective
·         Framing cooperation projects with abovementioned stakeholders for the application of solar cooling technologies in pilot projects and as part of a wider rollout
·         Acquiring third-party funding and contributions by industry partners (e.g., in fisheries or other sectors), ensuring progress on cooperation projects
·         Shaping alliances for solar cooling in Indonesia and maintaining active communication towards all involved parties
·         Driving the communication strategy for the Project
·         Supporting knowledge management and transfer, e.g., towards industry
·         Contributing actively to reports (regular and ad-hoc), PR materials, and other related tasks to reporting and communication for the Project


B.    Tasks

1. Management and Coordination 

·         Coordinates strategic partnerships for the Project and maps stakeholders and their roles/contributions towards the objectives
·         Develops, manages and implements activities under the relevant outputs
·         Carries out activity monitoring and updates information on project progress, documents and reports regularly on the status of results
·         Mobilizes consultancies and assigns short-term experts
·         Plans, coordinates and documents meetings, workshops, seminars and other project activities 

2. Partner Engagement and Network Management

·         Together with the Principal Advisor and technical advisors, develops pilot projects through partner engagement
·         Frames partnerships and secures third-party contributions through MoUs and Cooperation Agreements
·         Ensures contributions by partners and follows-up on commitments, anticipating and solving problems when necessary
·         Monitors progress of commitments or joint activities with partners under all outputs
·         Creatively seeks, initiates and fosters strategic alliances for the Project
·         Advocates for low-carbon cooling within relevant public and private sector networks 

3. Technical Advice and Knowledge Management

·         Develops business cases jointly with partners around solar cooling applications in commercial and industrial cooling (private and public sector)
·         Monitors existing and new pilot projects and analyses these from an economic point of view, shaping the business cases
·         Estimates, calculates and verifies national scaling potentials for solar cooling, particularly for technologies under Outputs 2 and 3
·         Analyses macro-economic effects of cold chain infrastructure energy supply and costs, incorporating e.g. fuel costs and existing subsidies
·         informs him-/herself on the newest technical developments and relates them to the Project
·         assists in drawing up reports and translations
·         assists in communicating, updating and collecting information 

4. Implementation of Project Activities

·         identifies most potent applications for solar cooling with scaling potentials and commercial business cases
·         supports tech innovation under the SOCOOL Project and cross-border cooperation among research institutes and the private sector under Output 2 by collecting and forwarding technical demands by project partners from public and private sectors
·         in tandem with other advisors, ensures progress on pilot projects under Output 3 through mobilising the right partners
·         supports the work with associations and manufacturers and maintains communication
·         contributes to reports (regular and ad-hoc), PR materials, and other related tasks to reporting and communication for the Project
·         contributes to activity planning and implementation

C.    Required qualifications, competences and experience


  • Master’s degree in engineering or economics (e.g. industrial engineering) 

Professional experience

·         At least 5 years of relevant professional experience, e.g. in technical sales or other fields
·         Track record in project management with multiple stakeholders leading to tangible results
·         Basic techno-economic understanding of solar energy and/or infrastructure projects 

Other knowledge, additional competences

§  Familiar with partnership cooperation schemes and tools (e.g. MoU, Cooperation Agreements, etc)
§  Strong communication skills and fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English
§  Trustworthy, engaging and friendly personality
§  Ability and readiness to work in a team environment
§  Good interpersonal skills and a willingness to cooperate effectively with colleagues and partners across projects
§  Willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management 
§  Advanced working knowledge of ICT technologies (related to software and online work environment), MS Excel and general office applications

Duty Station: Jakarta
Joining Date: ASAP
Direct Supervisor:  Principal Advisor Solar Cold Chains for a Green Economy Project 

Please submit your motivation letter and comprehensive resume (including training and list of references) to by 4 September 2023 with subject line SOCOOL – PEA (repost)


Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa_CV or Nakula Sadewa_Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa_Reference)



Only short-listed candidates will be notified.