V A C A N C Y


Yayasan Indonesia Cerah (“CERAH”) is a non-profit organisation established on 11 October 2018. The organisation focuses on the issues of clean energy and the environment. CERAH promotes the narrative of shifting Indonesia’s policy in energy transition as a leader in providing strategic communication to amplify key messages in the narrative of clean energy and its transition in Indonesia, cultivating and enhancing stakeholder engagement and providing recommendations to policymakers.


CERAH has been collaborating with multiple stakeholders and prominent figures, the media, and civil society organisations to educate and raise awareness, highlighting issues such as good governance and corruption, air pollution and the health impact of energy choices and renewable energy future and how that affects lifestyle and jobs.


The Digital Coordinator/Manager manages the activities and processes of an organisation’s digital ecosystem, including unbranded campaigns, social media platforms, websites, targeting/marketing and project/campaigns. They design and implement digital strategies, analyse data from social listening, campaign/project performance and user metrics, and optimise the functionality of digital infrastructure and ecosystem. Also, ensure the consistency of a campaign/project's digital tone and presence - to improve awareness of the organisation’s work and narrative within the digital space and acquire leads/subscribers and other conversion objectives.


To lead the ever-growing digital team, CERAH is looking for a Digital Coordinator; the work of the employee will include:


  1. Develop digital strategies to support the organisation's overarching objectives, and establish digital goals within the system.
  2. Develop and design social media advertising campaigns and oversee the implementation.
  3. Create targeting strategies and contribute to audience development.
  4. Explore new tools to develop strategy further and expand to other platforms.
  5. Oversee the execution of digital strategy agreed by all workstream leads and senior management.
  6. Working with workstream leads to developing and propagating the desired narrative of each workstream and overall overarching objectives of the organisation.
  7. Monitor performance and develop regular analytics reports, analysing performance data to continuously improve online engagement of Cerah’s digital campaign and disseminate insights and strategic recommendations internally within the organisation to enhance CERAH's overall work.
  8. Day-to-day managing and supervision of the work carried out by the digital team consisting of two (2) social media strategists, two (2) content production team members, and one (1) social media officer.
  9. Develop a strategic partnership to support digital work and capacity building with selected CSO partners and coalitions. 
  10. In-depth testing and analysis to create an evidence base allowing CERAH and partners to ensure that key narratives and messages are effectively tailored to resonate with target audiences.
  11. Actively collaborate with The International Digital Hub of Meliore Foundation.


      1.     A minimum of 10 years of experience in communication and or digital marketing. An added value is if the                    candidate has experience in a non-profit and digital marketing agency.
      2.    Has extensive experience with digital communications and a passion for climate change, environmental,                   and energy transition issues.
  1. Has the agility to work with many different stakeholders and players; workstream leads, partners, coalition members, the international digital hub, and third-party vendors.
  2. Has sound knowledge of the latest digital communications techniques, digital marketing and social media platforms.
  3. Has experience in social media management across different platforms and is savvy in optimising social media monitoring tools to present accurate analytics reports.
  4. They will simultaneously run digital advertising campaigns across social media platforms via Meta Ads Manager, Twitter Ads, and Linkedin.
  5. They need to utilise management tools such as Trello, Monday.com, Zoom, Slack, etc.
  6. An experience in project management is required.

Duration and Fee:

The position is urgently required. The remuneration will be based on qualification, competency, and salary history. We will cover personal income tax, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesehatan, and private insurance.


Please send your CV, a minimum of 2 (two) pages, detailing your experiences and expertise to vitri@cerah.or.id at the latest Friday, Aug 19th, 2022, before 5 pm WIB.