[AMISEWAKA - DLCC] Social Entrepreneurship Teacher - DESA LES, BALI

 Amisewaka – Desa Les Community Center (DLCC) is a vocational training center based in Desa Les, Tejakula, North Bali.   This facility will provide education to primarily low income students in a variety of vocational and sustainable subjects (culinary skills, permaculture agriculture, Living Values Education and Cultural Preservation) as well as assist in job procurement.  There will be a training kitchen and restaurant on the grounds.

We are now looking for candidates to join our team at DESA LES – NORTH BALI



  1. Teaching Social Entrepreneurship to Amisewaka's students.  Basic bookkeeping, project management with an eye to social projects, how to organize a small business project.
  2. Classes will be held once a week for 1 hour in the beginning. There are sixty students and you will have a maximum of 20 students per class.
  3. Creating a one year curriculum with an emphasis on the students learning skills that will help them create their own social project from a business perspective.
  4. Willingness to integrate Living Values Education into your teachings.
  5. Working with our partners at Fontys Business College in Holland who will be mentoring our students both on line as well as face-to-face in the second semester.


  1. Indonesian nationality
  2. At least S-1 degree in Economics or Business
  3. At least three (3) years in similar position
  4. Excellent written and oral skills in English and Indonesian
  5. Willingness to undergo Living Values Education training.
  6. A passion for your work and compassion for those less fortunate. You will be honest, trustworthy, detail oriented, a team player but able to think independently and quickly.

The Amisewaka campus is a healthy, green zone. No smoking or alcohol is allowed.

Please sent your recent CV to hr@desalescommunitycenter.org 

Applications close on 9 February 2022.