RFP 2189-02: Strengthening East Java SUN CSA

 Dear Potential Bidders,

Government of Indonesia (GoI) has signed the global SUN (Scaling up Nutrition) movement on December 2011. SUN is a unique Movement founded on the principle that all people have a right to food and good nutrition. It unites people -from governments, civil society organizations (CSO), the United Nations and donors, businesses and researchers/academia- in a collective effort to improve nutrition. GoI commitment to SUN movement pointed out in the established SUN Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) under coordination and leadership of BAPPENAS, the National Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) as SUN Focal Point. BAPPENAS also has been spearheading the movement in the country. GOI’s National Strategy to Accelerate Stunting Prevention 2019-2024 (STRANAS) aims to ensure that relevant stakeholders and sectors collaborate to achieve the same objective of stunting prevention and reduction in Indonesia. The established of SUN CSO platforms namely SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) has a key role to play to push the nutrition agenda forward as well as to hold Governments and donor countries accountable for the realization of their commitment to SUN. SUN CSA also encouraged to strengthen its representativeness, broaden their participation to engage all stakeholders, as well as establish its accountability and capacity, in order to effectively prevent stunting in the country. SUN CSA under UNOPs Pool Fund supported project, Nutrition International (NI) as SUN CSA coordinator has worked to coordinate and build capacity of CSOs as members of CSA to contribute to multi-stakeholders and multi-sectoral nutrition action plans, and better mobilizing domestic resources to finance the stunting prevention activities. SUN CSA also has helped to form two local SUN CSA in Central Java and East Java Provinces. There are about 60 local CSOs members of these two provincial CSA that have been legally acknowledged as members of the SUN MSPs and will continue to engage in local SUN movements and expand cooperation with others MSPs (such as business, donor and academia networks) for stunting prevention movement within their provinces and districts. These local CSAs has the aim to amplify the voices of communities affected by the double burden of malnutrition and focus on the need for greater accountability to them. SUN CSA influence both on policy at national and local level may have been determinant in strengthening the voice of nutrition advocates at country level and in giving more nutrition focus to food and agriculture policies that were being designed as well as, to some extent, to resource allocations by donors and governments.
However, since these two local SUN CSAs were just established or under process of establishment, they required support to strengthen, institutionalize and solidify collaborative mode of their network. Their capacity to perform cross-network cooperation, particularly with local SUN Business as well as cooperation with local academia for knowledge transfer also need to be strengthened. They should also be able to access relevant local fora, policy meetings and discussions, as well as to all relevant local information on nutrition activities, spending and progress. NI will extend its technical and financial support to SUN CSA SUN CSA East Java Province to strengthen the organizational capacity of these newly established local CSOs network. NI is seeking event agency to organize and facilitate meetings and deliberative discussions to strengthen East Java SUN CSA.

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The submission deadline for proposals is Friday, January 14, 2021 by 17:00 West Indonesia Standard Time.

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