Earthqualizer looking for Operation Officer

 Operation Officer 

Earthqualizer looking for a qualified and innovative operations officer to increase the efficiency and a growing of our operations. In this role, your duties will include reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and developing new company policies. You may also be required to perform project management, human resources and routine administrative tasks.

To ensure success as an operations officer, you should demonstrate advanced operational competency and excellent managerial skills. Operations officers are comfortable in leadership positions and have extensive operations management experience.

Main Responsibilities:
• Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer about company processes and procedures.
• Developing company policies and ensuring compliance.
• Improving business functionality to align with core business objectives.
• Planning and managing projects and contributing to product innovation.
• Tracking operational costs toward maintaining operational cost effeciency.
• Promoting efficiency by implementing improved operational procedures.
• Analyzing and maintaining operational data, and monitoring product inventories.
• Monitoring adherence to policies and processes throughout the organizations.
• Overseeing human resources development policies, training, and performance reviews.
• Ensuring positive partners, supplier, and vendor relationships.

• A minimum bachelor's degree in operations management, project management, strategic management, business management, or similar.
• Extensive experience in an operations management position, or similar.
• In-depth knowledge of project management and strategic planning.
• Exceptional leadership and communication skills.
• Advanced knowledge of best business practices.
• Experience with budgets and financial reports, and monitoring expenses.
• Developing human resources policies, and monitoring compliance and performance.
• Proficiency in business operations management software.

● Minimum 4-5 years' experience in both national and international organizations
● Candidate must demonstrate strong familiarity with sustainability, either via work experience within a company or via significant consultancy experience – including Non-Government Organizations (NGO);
● Stakeholder management – able to work in a complex organizational matrix or structured type of environment.

The Organization
We have accumulated a significant project portfolio that demonstrates our ability to conduct detailed research, to engage and influence corporate decision-makers, and to make natural resources-based industries more sustainable through the integration of their business into the natural and socio-economic landscape. We aim to create landscapes of opportunity, where multi-stakeholder collaboration can make a real difference to benefit the environment, human rights, and economic growth. We believe in the potential of collaboration between communities, governments, and the private sector.

For interested candidates, please send your CV and motivation letter  to  not later than 20th February 2022. Only shortlist candidates will be contacted

Ivan V. Ageung