EoI : Local Consultant Stakeholder Platform Yogyakarta

 Terms of Reference

Request for Expression of Interest


Hivos is an International non-governmental organization based in the Netherlands guided by humanist values and seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. It aims at structural poverty alleviation with a strong focus on civil society building and sustainable economic development. Hivos works with local organizations to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. For its Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of:

Title                  Local Consultant for Facilitating and Supporting Multi-Stakeholder Platform in Yogyakarta City for Developing Joint Agenda and Recommendation for Strengthening the City Food System

Duration           :  4 months (maximum 18 days)

Report to          :  Project Manager – Local Harvest




The SWITCH Asia Local Harvest project: Promoting sustainable and equitable consumption and local food systems in Indonesia is supported by the European Union and implemented by Hivos and its partners: AMAN (Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara), ASPPUK (Asosiasi Pendamping Perempuan Usaha Kecil), NTFP-EP (Non Timber Forest Product-Exchange Program) Indonesia and Yayasan WWF Indonesia.  The project is implemented in 8 provinces (14 districts) and 5 cities in Indonesia over a period of four (4) years commencing March 1, 2018.

The specific objective of the project is to stimulate a significant shift in consumption patterns towards sustainable and ethically sourced food products in Indonesia through increased knowledge and awareness of consumers about the impacts of their food choices; increased capacities of food MSMEs and producers - including women and indigenous people - to penetrate markets and a favorable policy environment for the uptake of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) practices in the food sector. As part of the project implementation, multi-stakeholder platforms on food system will be established in five cities – Jakarta (national level), Bandung, Makassar, Medan and Yogyakarta. The local multistakeholder platform will include, but not limited to, government representatives, producer representatives, SMEs and retailers, academics, CSOs, and consumer representatives, who will share experiences and discuss potential synergy in promoting sustainable consumption and production in the food system.  The key output from the platform is a joint agenda for policies and actions on the promotion of SCP in food systems.

Particularly in Yogyakarta City, Hivos works closely with the City Planning Agency. In collaboration with the agency, Hivos, through the Local Harvest project has facilitated several activities including series of discussion with different actors and stakeholders in the City Food System. It is expected that the series of discussions will produce a joint agenda and recommendation that can be used as a reference for the City Planning Agency for developing or strengthening policies and programs related to the City food system. Therefore, Hivos is looking for a local consultant to assist us in conducting these activities.


Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to:

  1. Provide support in facilitating discussions with relevant food actors and stakeholders
  2. Develop a joint agenda and recommendation related to SCP in food systems, based on the topics agreed as a reference for the City Planning Agency for developing or strengthening policies and programs related to the City food system.
  3. Review the project documents to collect relevant information to support the assignment
  4. Discuss with Hivos, and the government counterpart for developing strategy and plan related to the assignment.



It is anticipated that the assignment will be completed within 4 months from the date of the signing of the contract between Hivos and the consultant with a maximum of 18 working days.



-        A concise report on series of discussions conducted

-        A strategy paper consisting of an agenda and recommendation for strengthening the city food system based on the agreed topics for the City Planning Agency

All reports should be submitted in electronic version in relevant Microsoft Office format.


Qualifications & Experience

The consultant or team of consultants should:

       An Indonesian citizen, preferably based in Yogyakarta City

       Have extensive experience in facilitating discussion with multi actors

       Have experience working with CSOs and local governments

       Have familiarity and experience in lobby and advocacy

       Have sufficient knowledge and/or experience in the issues related to local food system

       Have the ability to synthesize the findings into a readable and practical narrative.


How to apply

To apply for this consultancy position please submit your CV, a cover letter, and your proposal including the work plan and budget to: recruitment@hivos.foundation and jtheresya@hivos.org no later than 17 October, 2021, with email subject: Local Consultant Stakeholder Platform Yogyakarta. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.