CALL FOR PARTNERSHIP - Islamic Relief Worldwide in Indonesia


Building Partnership & Capacity Building in Humanitarian Sector 

About Islamic Relief Worldwide:

Islamic Relief Worldwide is an independent humanitarian and development organisation with a presence in over 40 countries around the globe. Founded in 1984, Islamic Relief Worldwide is a legally registered charity under the laws of the United Kingdom. We have been fighting poverty and injustice for 30 years, in a world in which over three billion people still live in poverty. 

About Islamic Relief in Indonesia:

Islamic Relief Worldwide in Indonesia commenced its operation in 2003 following the MOU signing with the Ministry of Home Affairs. The objective of IRW in Indonesia programme is to contribute to the social welfare of the Indonesia people and to alleviate the suffering. The main sectors for the programme include: Water-Sanitation-and Hygiene, Sustainable livelihood, Education, Child Welfare, Shelter, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management (Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Response, and Emergency Preparedness), and Seasonal (Ramadhan and Qurbani). The geographical areas are Banten, NTB, Aceh, Central Sulawesi and West Sulawesi province directly implementing or through partners. 

General Context of the Call for Partnerships:

Islamic Relief shares the view that changes are required within the humanitarian system, and our own organization.  We have therefore endorsed and committed to the ‘Charter for Change’ which commits us to review and adapt our way of working to ensure that we increase direct funding to local partner NGOs, increase transparency, and ensure that we support – not undermine – local capacity through our interventions. This call for Building Partnership & Capacity Building in Humanitarian Sector is to continually boost our capacity to reduce poverty and alleviate suffering in Indonesia and in wider coverage around ASEAN and Pacific Region. We are expecting to further improve efficiency and effectiveness of our work.  In addition, we strive to continue investing in system that can deliver the best possible value-for-money for donors – and compelling outcomes for the vulnerable people that we serve.

 Call for Partnerships:

The objective of this call is to build agreement and joint action involving strategic local partners in Sumatera, Java, Bali Nusra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua to build high quality preparedness for quick, effective and inclusive medium to large scale emergency response across Indonesia and in the neighboring countries around ASEAN and Pacific region taking into account Islamic Relief CHS accreditation status and adherence to national standard in humanitarian system. 

 Expected outputs from the partnership call are:

1.       Interested potential partners from different region are identified, shortlisted, and selected

2.       Joint Preparedness Plan document is produced as a reference for joint response

3.       Humanitarian Capacity Self-Assessment is conducted and documented

4.       Joint Humanitarian Investment Plan is produced and action planned

5.       Joint Emergency Response Operation is initiated and cascaded

6.       CHS based performance for every partner is benchmarked

 The activities planned to achieved those outputs, but not limited to, are:

1.       Selection process

2.       Signing agreement

3.       Workshops to produce joint agreement, plan, assessment, etc.

4.    Trainings: soft and hard competences including sectoral and cross sectoral issues, standards, especially        Core Humanitarian Standard. Etc.

5.       Joint/independent assessment in any medium emergency

6.       Joint Response taking into account grand-bargain principle

7.       Joint Evaluation

 Allocated Budget and Benefit:

Grant may only be available on the project activities defined in the corresponding Implementation of Partnership Agreement. The selected organizations will be invited to join the above activities with fully funded or limited subsidized mechanism.

 Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible, the applicant must be an NGO, CBO, and private sectors, organizations with the following criteria:

·       Be present in Sumatera, Java, Bali Nusra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, or Papua (Applicants may be registered outside these areas, but will be eligible to apply as long as they are operating in the said area);

·       The NGOs/CBOs must be legally registered as a not-for-profit entity

·       The applicant must have got experience in humanitarian response for at least 5 times ranging from small-medium to large disasters.

·       Being able to show commitment in improving individual and organizational capacities confronting CHS and another international standard in humanitarian system

·       Being able to show ambition in improving supporting system of logistic and procurement, financial, MEAL-DM (Monitoring, evaluation, accountability, learning and data management), safeguarding, and CFM (complaint and feedback mechanism)

·       Being able to show commitment in promoting gender justice and inclusiveness.

·       Organizations with excellent capacity in sectoral and cross-sectoral aspect will be preferred. 


Requirement documents for already selected partners (submitted when partnership agreement will be signed):

·       Registration Certificate;

·       Last two years Audited Financial Reports;

·       Policies: Procurement, Finance, HR Manual;

·       The organizational structure and staff competences;


Selection Process:

Potential partners should send their expression of interest by 31 October 2020 at 23:59 (Jakarta Time). No expression of interest or supporting documents will be accepted after this deadline. The partnership mechanism is administered and supervised by Islamic Relief in Indonesia. Partner selection will be carried out:

·       In adherence with Islamic Relief rules, regulations and applicable procedures;

·       Respecting eligibility criteria;

·       Based on fairness, transparency, and effectiveness principles.


All expression of interest can be submitted in English (preferred) or Indonesia. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview and further process of selection. Please send only your expression of interest to the email address:

Please submit your application by using the expression of interest template and a statement of commitment which can be accessed thru the link: