Research Assistant (Consultant Position) - KEMITRAAN

 I. Position Information

Job code title    : Research assistant (Consultant), Think Climate Indonesia.
Department      : KML
Report to          : Project Coordinator 

Partnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan)
Kemitraan is a multi-stakeholder organization established to promote governance reform. It works hand-in-hand with government agencies, CSOs, the private sector, and international development partners in Indonesia to bring about reform at both the national and local levels. Kemitraan builds crucial links between all levels of government and civil society to sustainably promote good governance in Indonesia. Good governance is participatory, consensus-oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive and follows the rule of law. It assures that corruption is minimized, the views of minorities and most vulnerable in society are taken into account.

Knowledge Resource Center (KRC)
Since our inception in 2000, Kemitraan has established wide-range of multi-stakeholder networks at all levels. We work together with the government in mainstreaming good governance principles in public policy making, implementation and monitoring phases with evidence-based approach.

Our specialized think tank unit, the Knowledge & Resource Center (KRC) is well versed in various research methods applying variety of research methods including but not limited to literature study, FGDs, mapping study, expert interviews, and quantitative method involving statistics calculations. Some of the research and study are utilized as part of the monitoring and evaluation tools of the client.

Think Climate, IDRC Project :

IDRC (International Development Research Centre), supported by the Oak Foundation, has selected Kemitraan as an Indonesian strategic think tank partner who has ample experience in researching and influencing policymakers through evidence-based research. IDRC intends to leverage Kemitraan capacity by providing a three-year partnership to contribute significantly on climate change research. This partnership will support Kemitraan in three practical approaches; Increase relevant data and evidence generation through series of climate change research; Deepen capacity through organization development and series or trainings, and strengthen policy engagement; seed change coalitions.

In terms of strengthening policy engagement, Kemitraan will conduct series of climate change research. One of it research is research collaboration between Kemitraan and Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), Ministry of Finance & Economy. Previously in 2018, Kemitraan succeed on conducting renewable energy budget tagging with BKF and Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources for national level. In order to broaden of its research, BKF has requested Kemitraan to continue the study in climate budget tagging in regional level. This research also will align with government program as mention of Minister Finance & Economy, Mrs. Sri Mulyani on Fiscal Policy Agency's public dialogue: Public Funding of Climate Change on National and Regional Level to Achive NDC Target, March 30, 2021.

II. Job Purpose
1.    Participate in all coordination and consultations meetings with relevant stakeholders such as Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Economic & Finance, National Planning Agency, Local Government and etc.
2.    Provides minutes of meetings and synthesis any important research notes.
3.    Assist KEMITRAAN’s researcher to identify and collect data based on the existing climate budget tagging system guidelines from regional government expenditures (province and districts).
4.    Assist KEMITRAAN’s researcher to cluster regional government expenditures based on adaptation and mitigation sector, especially in food resilience program but not limited to any other program .
5.    Assist KEMITRAAN’s researcher to calculate data in the existing formulation.
6.    Assist KEMITRAAN’s researcher to provide technical notes on calculating each regional government expenditures on mitigation and adaptation sector.
7.    Provide research progress and challenges in internal team meeting and report regularly.
8.    Manage all related research data with internal team member.

III. Deliverables
1.    Data identification and calculation spreadsheets which consist of mitigation and adaptation sector based on climate budget tagging system guidelines in regional level for ten areas in three years of fiscal period.
2.    Compilation of minutes of meeting, and research technical notes.
3.    Final calculation report and research process which consist of findings and obstacles.

IV. Time Frame
Estimated 7 months – monthly based

VI. Qualifications
Education   :

A minimum bachelor degree, preferably environmental or natural science but not limited to any other relevant degree.

Experience :
Having a minimum of 3 years of experience involved in quantitative research, preferable in government budget tagging expenditures. Experience in taking important minutes of meeting, and provide technical notes.

•    Have excellent calculation and data analysis skill, especially in operating Ms. Excel or any other relevant statistic software.
•    Strong knowledge and passion on sustainable environment  issues, preferably climate change and emission reduction issues.
•    Sufficient knowledge on climate change issue especially familiar with identifying program and activities in National and Regional level .
•    Must have good communications skill, able to express views clearly and have strong relational skills.
•    Have a broad professional network and communities in research and climate change issues
•    A good team player, strong personality, assertive initiatives. A good listener who can identify gender issues and bring these into discussion in the work environment and among team members.
•    Team player, able to work respectfully and cooperatively with colleagues of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
•    Result-oriented.
•    High quality technical assistance is well provided in line with the objectives of The Think Climate, IDRC Project;
•    High quality providing research report;
•    Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia is preferred.


To apply for this position please submit your CV using this link no later than August 10th 2021.  Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.