Consultant (Individual): ​GIS and Spatial Database Assistant

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GIS and Spatial Database Assistant

(Code: GIS-SD)

Effective environmental governance is essential to conservation, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development, yet no single map illustrates conservation governance systems globally. As a result, decision-makers and practitioners lack spatial and temporal evidence to inform planning, track progress, and measure impacts at local, national, and global scales. Conservation International is filling this critical evidence gap through the development of a Conservation Governance Atlas. The Atlas is a database and tool for decision making that includes information on the governance diversity and dynamics of conservation systems: conservation systems beyond state-designated protected areas (BPA), including indigenous and community territories, privately protected areas, payments for ecosystem services, and eco-certification programs, among others, as well as legal changes that temper regulations, shrink boundaries, and eliminate protections entirely (protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement, or PADDD). Overall, the Atlas will generate novel insights into patterns and trends in global conservation progress, provide foundational information for conservation planning and evaluation, and allow donors to strategically prioritize their investments - filling in gaps, supporting underfunded systems (e.g. IPLCs), doubling down on effective strategies, and preventing backsliding - supporting effective and durable conservation. These are essential actions to attain key global targets outlined in the Paris agreement, SDGs, and post-2020 CBD targets.

Conservation International (CI) is the lead agency for implementing and executing the project through works in partnership with stakeholders at the national and local levels.

Through this research effort, we propose to complete the Atlas database for Indonesia, a critical hotspot for irrecoverable carbon and biodiversity. The Moore Center for Science at Conservation International has raised funds through the Global Exchange program to support this research effort. We are seeking a consultancy to provide technical support on Geographical Information System (GIS). The consultant will support in the collection, storage, analysis, mapping, and imaging of spatial information.

A. Scope of Work:

In general, GIS and Spatial Database Assistant activities will support the collection of spatial databases (including related information) within CI Indonesia, process the data according to CI standards, generate summary statistics, trends, and other data insights, exploratory spatial analyses and short summary report.

B. TIMELINE: This Work will be effectively for approx. 4 months from August to December 2021.


·       Minimum associate degree or diploma in areas related to GIS and RS, forestry, or natural resources

·       Familiar with spatial databases, governments webGIS, and other source

·       Knowledge and experience with issues related to natural resources management, landscape, conservation, and/or forestry

·       Ability to work independently and in a group

·       Willingness and commitment to follow the work plan

·       Good interpersonal skills, team working spirit, and excellent time management



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