RFP_Indonesia Financial Sector Landscape Assessment_Closing 28 April 2021

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Indonesia Financial Sector Landscape Assessment

This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is issued by Conservation International Foundation (“CI”) in its role as convening organization leading Joint Programme development in Indonesia under the Global Fund for Coral Reef (“GFCR”), a blended finance vehicle established through a coalition between United Nations agencies, financial institutions, and private philanthropy sources to mobilise action and resources to protect and restore coral reef ecosystems. The GFCR is designed to support efforts to incubate and accelerate revenue-generating interventions that can sustainably finance the mitigation and elimination of unsustainable direct and indirect local drivers of coral reef degradation.

 A.    Proposed Activities & Scope of Work

This RFP is for professional services associated with the preparation and delivery of landscape assessment of public and private financial institutions with existing or potential financial exposure or interest in the following priority sectors:

·       Marine Protected Area (MPA) with ecotourism activities;

·       Coral or adjacent habitat restoration activities;

·       Sustainable marine fisheries;

·       Sustainable aquaculture or mariculture;

·       Coastal and/or marine ecotourism;

·       Plastic waste management and infrastructure;

·       Coastal agriculture;

·       Sewage and wastewater management and infrastructure;

·       Marine and other land-based pollutants management and infrastructure; and

·       Nature-based carbon finance.