Save the Children Indonesia Vacancy : Individual Consultant for Digitalize Parenting Module (We See Equal Project)

 Scope of Work

Consultant for Digitalize Parenting Module

We See Equal Project


1.    Background

Save the Children (SC) is a leading, private child-focused non-governmental alliance of 30-member organizations that works in 120 countries throughout the world.  Save the Children has worked in Indonesia since 1976 to promote health and nutrition, education, child protection, livelihoods, and emergency preparedness and response.

Start from February 2018, Save the Children through support from Procter and Gamble (P&G) developed a program to promotes gender equality as right and a healthy lifestyle for school age girls and boys in 2 districts of West Java; Kabupaten Bandung and Kabupaten Cianjur. Gender inequalities and stereotypes affect everyone and are only resolved by involving both sexes. Gender equality awareness and sensitization is a building block to ensure girls and boys make healthier choices and live more fulfilling lives.

Changes in understanding and behavior that are expected to occur at the student level in terms of gender equality will be more achievable if all levels around students also have the same understanding and behavior, including at the level of parents. In connection with this, it is deemed necessary to have an intervention to increase the capacity of parents in terms of non-violent and gender-equal care, the We See Equal Program in this second phase will facilitate training on non-violent and gender-equal parenting for parents of students in assisted schools.

Currently, the module for this training is being developed and it is hoped that it will be completed at least in April-May 2021 so that the training can begin in June-Jyli 2021 onwards. The module that is being developed is designed to be delivered face-to-face considering the prevailing health protocols and assuming the Covid-19 pandemic will end eventually. However, taking into account other situations in the development of this pandemic, which could remain as it is today or even get worse and taking into account the time availability of the program, the time availability of parents as potential trainees, health protocols that may become more stringent, We See Equal Program intends to try other strategies that can be applied so that what is the content of this Non-Violent and Gender Equal Parenting Training can still be conveyed to parents of students even during a pandemic. One alternative strategy is to convert this form of training from face-to-face training to virtual / online training but still allow participants to participate in an interactive and participatory manner.


2.    Objectives


The activity aims:

  1. Availability of training modules on Non-Violence and Gender Equality Care in the form of online interactive multimedia (applications/e-learning platforms/other forms)
  2. There is an opportunity for the We See Equal Program and assisted schools to continue to deliver content on Non-Violence and Gender Equal Care Training in two ways (offline and online) depending on the situation later


3.      Period of the Consultancy

Period of the consultancy will be from March to April 2021

4.    Detail of Activities and Timeline














Consultant recruitment










Submit the offer from consultant










The consultant selection










Working on modul 1










Working on modul 2










Working on modul 3










Working on modul 4










Working on modul 5




















5.    Expected Deliverables

  1. Content PARENTING module in the form of online interactive multimedia (application/e-learning platform/other)
  2. Pre and post test
  3. Online training guidance
  4. The online interactive multimedia that include feature to detect user information (user account details, sessions accessed, what was done in the session, what was the user's action plan per session)
  5. Facilitaitng usage training (MOT) for teachers, parents and submit a MOT narrative report.
  6. Submission of the multimedia product into special storage (DVD / Flashdisk / Online Storage?) to the We See Equal Program including all information regarding the account name and password (if any).
  7. A statement letter regarding multimedia ownership (Intellectual Property Rights) which states that all products produced in the module conversion process, both digital and non-digital (if any) belong to the We See Equal Save the Children Program as the party that employs the consultant.


6.    Criteria for Consultant

  1. Proven as professional on conducting educative digital content minimum in the past 2 years
  2. Proven as professional on conducting learning session of organization or project
  3. Able to design an interactive online.
  4. Solid experience on writing documentary, story or event using popular written style
  5. Has understanding on parenting, gender, health, and child protection issues and experienced working with children would be an advantage
  6. Has been involved at Save the Children’s project would be an advantage
  7. Available to meet tight deadline and budgeted fund


7.    The selected consultant has to agree to:

1.   Understand Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik Child Safeguarding Policy and comply with these rules while working with children during the evaluation process

2.   Develop interactive online version of CHOICE Module base on available module

3.   Deliver/conduct training the online module for teacher

4.   Responsible for online module quality

5.   Responsible for any other tasks required by YSTC-CREATIVE Project regarding to digitalize choice module


8.    Proposal structure / Requirement

Proposal with detail explanation on the methodology shall be submitted as a requirement for consultant selection. However, there is no special requirement for the body content.

9.      Submission Deadline

Submission proposal dateline for applicant shall be submitted on 1 March 2021

10.  Payment Term

Payment is paid 40% upon satisfactory draft online module; and 60% upon acceptance and satisfactory of all deliverables. All of cost that caused by the implementation of this activities such as transportation and hotel will be covered by the consultant.

11.  Terms and Condition Solicitation

       Period of Validity

The proposal shall be valid for a period of 50 days, starting from the submission date.

Notice of Non-Binding Solicitation

Save the Children reserves the right to reject all bids received in response to this solicitation and is in no way bound to accept any proposal. Additionally, we reserve the right to negotiate the substance of the finalists’ proposals, as well as the option of accepting partial components of a proposal if appropriate. Quantities provided are estimates only at this time and will be subject to change.



All information provided as part of this solicitation is considered confidential. If any information is inappropriately released, Save the Children will seek appropriate remedies as allowed. Proposals, discussions, and all information received in response to this solicitation will be held as strictly confidential, except where noted otherwise.


Prior to the expiration of the validity of the proposal, Save the Children shall notify in writing the successful company that submitted the highest-scoring proposal and will invite them for contract negotiations. Save the Children reserves the right to invite the second ranking company for parallel negotiations.


Right to Final Negotiations

Save The Children reserves the option to negotiate final costs and final scope of work, as well as reserves the option to limit or include third parties at Save the Children’s sole and full discretion in such negotiations.  Upon failure to reach agreement on the contents of the contract as stipulated in this document, Save the Children has the right to terminate the negotiations and invite the next best-rated company for negotiations.


All communication regarding this solicitation shall be directed to appropriate parties at Save the Children. Contacting third parties involved in the project, the review panel, or any other party may be considered a conflict of interest and could result in proposal disqualification.

Award of a proposal does not imply acceptance of its terms and conditions. Save the Children reserves the option to negotiate on the final terms and conditions

External applicant:


Closing date for application is up to 17 March 2021.

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified)

Please visit our website for more info


Save the Children encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability

All recruitment practices and procedures reflect Save the Children’s commitment to protecting children from abuse