Communication Manager - KEMITRAAN

 I. Position Information

Post Code : Communication Manager
Supervisor : Executive Director

II. Organizational Context
KEMITRAAN (Partnership) is a multi-stakeholder organization established to promote governance reform. It works hand-in-hand with government agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector, and international development partners in Indonesia to bring about reform at both the national and local levels.

Since its establishment, KEMITRAAN has worked to create an enabling environment for reform in which different components of society come together to discuss, advocate and support the implementation of critical elements of Indonesia’s extensive reform agenda. Leaders of KEMITRAAN come from government, including senior ministers, activists from civil society and faith based groups, the business community and the political world including members of parliament from across partisian divides. The capacity to reach out across and among various divides within society uniquely places KEMITRAAN in a position to promote reform and to do so in a peaceful and engaging manner.

KEMITRAAN has been successful in facilitating public policy reform (the formulation of new laws and regulations or the revision / amendment to the laws and regulations), bureaucratic reforms, judicial and democratization reform, anti-corruption laws, national strategies, creating the Governance Index, promoting and facilitating environmental and economic governance.

To ensure the visibility of KEMITRAAN’s work and achievement, KEMITRAAN needs to engage the media in promoting success stories, advocating policy makers and enhancing people’s awareness and participation. The engagement strategy should be able to stimulate various stakeholders to learn more about KEMITRAAN and its successes. Hence it is important for KEMITRAAN to develop and implement sound media strategy to increase its profile and promoting its programs.

Additionally, KEMITRAAN also needs to demonstrate to all stakeholders, government, civil society, the international media, national press, international community including donors, that KEMITRAAN activities are yielding concrete results.

A Communications Manager will be recruited to play a major role in improving KEMITRAAN’s visibility and in ensuring continuous contact and exchange with local and national media. The Communications Manager is responsible for the design, management and implementation of the communications strategy for KEMITRAAN, with a view to influence policy-makers, to promote public and media outreach and to mobilize political and financial support and the works of KEMITRAAN in general.

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Executive Director, the Communication Manager is expected to reinforce the capacity of the Partnership to implement effective communication messages internally and externally pertaining the mandate and work of the organization through the use of appropriate information media, advocacy approaches and communication tools.

III. Function/ Key Results Expected
Working under the supervision of the Executive Director and in close collaboration with the Knowledge Management and Learning team, the Communication Manager will play a critical role in developing communications and media strategy, work-plan and implementation arrangement, focusing on three main activities:
1. Develop effective communications strategy and planning focusing on achievement of the following activities:
– Develop an organization-wide communication strategy and plan, helping to improve KEMITRAAN’s capacity to communicate its programs and knowledge to public
– Coordinate communication efforts across Directorates, Units and programs
– Establish Brand Book of KEMITRAAN
– Review, adjust and enhance the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Manuals on communications and public relations, e.g. in line with the accreditation requirements
– Disseminate, mainstream and socialize the Communications Strategy, Plan, SOPs and Manuals to all KEMITRAAN staff and consultants

2. Ensures effective implementation of communication strategy focusing on achievement of the following activities:
– Support preparation and organization of public relations events including budget preparation, disbursement and accountability report etc.
– Provide technical and administrative supports in organizing in-house and/or outside public events for outreach program of KEMITRAAN programs
– Provide on-going liaison, support and facilitation among Unit and other Units of KEMITRAAN and the regional offices in preparing information-related materials
– Support design and development of communication tools for effective communication and publications on achievement of good governance reform conducted and or supported by KEMITRAAN
– Prepare quality materials for presentation, media release, speeches, talking points, concept notes, correspondence and other information publications, and disseminates media information materials.

3. Manages the writing, development, design, production and dissemination of diverse publications and news releases through a variety of media, including print, broadcast and social, focusing on the achievement of the following results:

– Elaboration and implementation of KEMITRAAN publications strategy and plan based on the corporate publications policy
– Identification and development of storylines for publications and substantive articles for media
– Identification and development of ideas and materials for electronic media.
– Editing, publication and dissemination of materials
– Opportunities to leverage social media to complement KEMITRAAN’s messaging identified and used.

4. Supports and promotes optimum visibility of KEMITRAAN’s activities through effective media relations and information dissemination on governance reform agenda and initiatives focusing on the achievement of the following activities:

– Maintain and develop mutual relationship with media representatives and always keep media updated on KEMITRAAN’s projects/activities
– Strategic partnerships formed with media counterparts and media networks, and strengthening internal capacity for media outreach
– Enhanced media/press coverage of KEMITRAAN and its strategic areas, positions and issues, in line with corporate communications strategies
– Opportunities for press conferences, media gathering and media visits identified and are organized; interviews with directors, senior advisors, and senior managers facilitated
– Press releases, advisories, background information, press/media kits and updated information and stories drafted and disseminated to inform media and general public of KEMITRAAN work programme initiatives, results and successes, and other achievements
– Advice and technical support to KEMITRAAN Management in developing media campaigns and initiatives, strategies provided for effective media relations

a. Ensuring the compliance of available PR & Communication SOP (Production Flow of Communication Products, Knowledge Management & Dissemination and KEMITRAAN Brand Book) and ensuring the narratives are at par with high-standard of both Indonesian Language and English;
b. Establishing and implementing social media strategy, including raising exposure and interactions;
c. Ensuring web and social media updates;
d. Ensuring programs’ activities are incorporated to web and social media updates;
e. Establishing regular stream of field narratives, photos and footage from each program;
f. Working with program managers and Director of KML to produce communication and knowledge products;
g. Working with Executive Director and every directors to raise KEMITRAAN’s public exposure and to strengthen its expanding networks

IV. Impact of Results
The key results have an impact on effective and efficient functioning of the KEMITRAAN strategy in communication, especially KEMITRAAN’s positioning as a key driver of governance reform in Indonesia and maximizing its opportunity to secure medium to long term funding.

V. Competencies
A) Technical/Functional
– Have proven writing and editing skills both Bahasa Indonesia and English (preferably from newsroom background) due to continual writing tasks and deadlines (e.g TOR, reports and field-stories)
– Have excellent articulated communication skills for public speaking event and presentations
– Have networks among mainstream (established print/radio/TV nationals) media and digital media
– Extensive experience in policy advocacy and strategic communications for international development
– Experience working with international organizations, donor agencies, and/or NGOs and other civil society groups engaged in diverse sectors of international development

B) Managerial
– Focuses on impact and result for clients
– Ability to initiate and organize work, to establish priorities in a time-sensitive environment and meet deadlines with strong attention to detail and quality
– Capacity to organize field-story collections and capture its timely progresses for best practices and lesson learn making
– Capacity to gather comprehensive information on complex problems or situations; evaluates information accurately and identifies key issues required to resolve problems
– Capacity to empathize, to engage and to network with civil societies and public causes;
– Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
– Responds positively to critical feedback and differing points of view

VI. Recruitment Qualifications
Education :
Bachelor’s Degree (preferably Master’s Degree) or equivalent in Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, International Relations or other related field.
Experience :
A minimum of 10 years relevant professional experience, preferably in the field of journalism or public relations related to governance issues with focus on international development cooperation; Proven trackrecord as a media professional and of tangible results in this capacity; Outstanding proven writing/journalistic skills; Outstanding proven communications skills; and Outstanding networking skills.
Fluency in English & Bahasa Indonesia

To apply for this position please submit your CV using this link no later than February 23th 2021 or you can go to KEMITRAAN's website at Kemitraan 

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.