Lowongan Field Researcher - Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta

 Field Researcher for a Study on

the Local Construction Materials Supply Chain in Surabaya

a. Who are we looking for?

An experienced local researcher or journalist who stays or lives in Surabaya, and who can quickly engage with and gather data and information about the local construction materials supply chain in and around Surabaya.

b. Job description

  • Identify contacts[1] who work in or are knowledgeable about the local construction materials[2] supply chain in Surabaya and are willing to be interviewed 
  • Conduct structured or semi-structured interviews with each contact, ideally in person on site or remotely by phone
  • Interview people working directly or indirectly in the sector in formal and informal businesses, government staff in related agencies, community members engaged with or affected by the sector, and knowledgeable civil society organisations (CSOs)
  • Identify and visit local construction materials mining and processing sites and other key points on the value chain and document each site with photos and video

c. Competencies

  • University degree relevant to the task in resource extraction and processing, construction and engineering, social sciences or journalism.
  • Familiar with the local construction materials sector - extraction, processing, transport, marketing and utilization in Surabaya region.
  • Experienced field researcher or journalist for at least for 3 years.
  • Excellent communication skills – listening, speaking, and writing with a variety of audiences, both sophisticated and unsophisticated.
  • English language skills would be an asset.

d. Work duration

The local researcher is expected to work 21.5 working days for field work and make reports in the period December 2020 - January 2021. For fee payments, the researcher must submit a timesheet as a record of the working time.

e. Expression of Interest

If you feel qualified and are interested in this short term assignment, please contact Lia Anggreani by email at Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta tambuhaksinta@gmail.com before December 24, 2020. Please include a CV and a covering letter describing your qualifications for the assignment.

[1] The people who have an important role in the value chain of local construction materials in Surabaya 

[2] Construction materials that are produced, processed and partially marketed in the Surabaya