1000 Days Fund: Deputy Director

 The 1000 Days Fund is looking for a Deputy Director to lead the expansion of programs and partnerships, with an eye on improving overall planning and execution of efforts to contribute to the reduction of stunting in Indonesia. As Deputy Director, you will lead a team to put together and execute the engagement strategy for the 1000 Days Fund. You will organise and mentor your team and work across Indonesia to undertake research, prepare background papers, negotiate issues and front discussions with the aim of deploying stunting interventions and improving overall health systems.


The role will primarily involve (i) securing future funding, (ii) supporting the partnerships, convening stakeholders, brokering partnerships, developing and sharing best practice, (iii) measuring and communicating impact against the agreed aims and objectives. This role provides a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic organization and to contribute to socio-economic and environmental development in the region through a focus on public health. 


We seek a highly motivated, detail-focused, multi-tasking person with high levels of emotional intelligence for this position.

The 1000 Days Fund was created as a bold approach to invent and test innovative, cost-effective solutions to help end stunting in Indonesia. The 1000 Days Fund is relentlessly committed to improving maternal and newborn health outcomes for the poor and marginalized. We partner with local governments to build capacity and work closely with impoverished communities to deliver high-quality maternal and newborn health care, address the root causes of stunting, train providers, and advocate for national and grassroots policy change. 


Job Responsibilities

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Ability to quickly build strong working relationships in the complex landscape of actors working on driving sustainable commodities and supply chains in the region.

  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and facilitation skills and ability to understand needs of the different stakeholders including the individual coalition members, companies and other peer initiatives.

Knowledge Management & Analysis

  • Ability to quickly digest complex and new information and keen on conceptual thinking.

  • Strong ability to organize and systematize information paired with good analytical thinking to be able to summarize and communicate succinctly to audiences, monitor and demonstrate uptake progress, and inform decision making.

Project Management & Communications

  • Outstanding organizational and project management skills with attention to details.

  • Ability to effectively run programs, ensure timelines and accuracy of deliverables.

  • Good writing capabilities and ability to succinctly update the team. Writing opportunities include blogs and other editorial content, presentations, memos/email and reports.

  • Strong oral communication and presentation skills; both in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields. An advanced degree is preferred.

  • Experience in managing information, as well as its analysis and communication in high quality products.

  • Interest and strong desire to learn about stunting and stakeholder dynamics underpinning the progress of the public health systems.

  • Ability to balance multiple responsibilities in a dynamic and rapidly evolving work environment.

  • Ability to travel both domestically and internationally when circumstances allow.




Please send a cover letter and a CV to: zack@1000DaysFund.org

Zack Petersen
Lead Strategist
1,000 Days Fund