[Vacancy WWF-Indonesia] Sustainable Retail Assistant - Jakarta

If you care about the environment and want to contribute to conservation efforts in Indonesia, this is the opportunity for you to join the national conservation organization in Indonesia. WWF-Indonesia, an independent national conservation organization, is part of a global network of WWF. WWF-ID is currently seeking the best candidate for the position of Sustainable Retail Assistant. This position will be based in Jakarta, and report directly to the Corporate Engagement Specialist. 

Project objective:

To upscale domestic demand for sustainable palm oil products, by increasing the awareness and knowledge among downstream industry stakeholders, including the private sector, government, and consumers, in order to achieve the same level of understanding and willingness to take action to make palm oil becoming more sustainable.

Scope of works

Conduct mapping study on downstream industries including retail, hotel, food & beverage, and catering as part of developing companies database. 

Develop study to select ten (10) potential companies to be closely engaged in order to increase their portfolio on sourcing sustainable palm oil domestically.

Maintain engagement with companies, business associations, and others that are hand in hand with external consultants.


A graduate degree in: economics, business administration, marketing, international relations, environment, forestry, or similar fields.

At least two years of working experience in business process, business administration, marketing programs, and any similar fields would be considered. 

In-depth knowledge and experience in engaging private sector or clients. 

Experienced in managing internal company database including maintaining relationships with private sector or clients.

Having knowledge, interest, and experience on sustainability issues is preferable 

Experienced working in retailers, hotels, restaurants, and consumer goods manufacturers would be an advantage.


Demonstrate fair understanding of business process on achieving the organization’s goals.

Being able to show passion and high determination in engaging new clients, especially retailers, hotels, restaurants, and consumer goods manufacturers.

Being able to work with a team, cross coordination with other departments.

Being able to adapt easily to a new working ecosystem or topics. 

Being able to manage relationships with the private sector.

Strong English communication skills, both interpersonal and written.

Fair understanding of sustainable consumption and production issues, especially on palm oil.

Please share your CV/resume & cover letter to vacancy@wwf.id with the subject "Sustainable Retail Assistant" not later than 7 days after this vacancy publication.