Palladium International Indonesia Vacancy - HPP Project: WEB DESIGNER



Assignment Overview

With support from HP+, PT Sijarimas Teknologi Inovasi (STI) is seeking a web developer to strengthen its core business model as a health technology company focused on improving maternal and newborn health. STI’s product portfolio includes:

SijariEMAS Rujukan: emergency referral platform for mothers and babies

SijariEMAS PWS KIA: tracks and monitors high-risk pregnancies

SijariEMAS PSC 119: call center for emergency referrals

SijariEMAS COVID-19: tracks positive patients for COVID-19

SMILE Puskesmas: health management system for local clinics (Puskesmas)

InfoBidan: education and consultation app for midwives

InfoBunda: education and consultation app for pregnant mothers

The majority of its products are offered to local government at the district/city level as support to their health system and management of emergency referrals. In terms of platform, currently most of the products are web and app-based (Android & iOS) to allow easy access in rural areas where most of the population are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. A web-based dashboard is still used in each district by representatives of the local government, district health office (DHO), and healthcare facilities (hospital/clinic/puskesmas) to engage with users in their respective communities.

To achieve their 2020 targets, STI is looking to conduct a rebranding effort to modernize the outlook of the brand in response to current market conditions and prepare for national-level expansion. HP+ is therefore seeking a web designer to support STI’s online rebranding efforts by revamping their current corporate website. STI’s current website is developed using a WordPress platform, and are open to possibilities of continuing or moving to a different platform. This is a duration-based contract. The position will report to the STI IT lead and closely follow their guidance and instructions.


This role is to support STI in design, layout, development, and testing for a new corporate website, which will feature a corporate home page as well as individual pages for each of STI’s dedicated products (a proposed site map is provided below).


Provide a well-designed, bug-free, fully functioning new corporate website for PT STI

Create website layout, design, look & feel, including user interface

Collect technical specifications based on business and product needs

Create content and SEO friendly copywriting for every webpage

Integrate new features into website if needed (e.g. user form, live chat)

Quality control, usability testing, and bug-fixing

Create and maintain software documentation for handover

Collaborate with internal IT team from STI



* At least 3 years of relevant experience, with strong experience portfolio

* Basic understanding of web programming

* Excellent visual design skills with sensitivity to user-system interaction

* Knowledge in user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design

* Experience in copywriting webpages

* Knowledge in web content management

* Solid experience in search engine optimization (SEO)

* Experience working for a tech company is a plus

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

* Ability to work within tight deadlines and juggle multiple priorities

* Have flexibility, adaptability, resourcefulness, and a can-do attitude


Planning, design, integration, and delivery of a new corporate website for STI, which includes:

·       Wireframe: blueprint of content and visual component, showing global and secondary navigation elements, including key visual elements of the interface.

·       Mockup: a high-fidelity simulation of the website in images/screenshots for every page, helping define user flow, layout, and interaction.

·       Fully Functioning Site: final, bug-free, fully usable version of STI corporate website with every required technical specification

·       Software Documentation: all written documents and materials in the website development that will be handed over to the STI in-house IT team for future maintenance

Period of Performance

December 2020 – January 2021 (2 months)

Interested candidates should submit their CV, portfolio, timeline and proposal by Friday, November 14th, 2020 to Follow-up online interviews will be held for qualified candidates to discuss their previous experience.

About the Organization

PT Sijariemas Teknologi Inovasi (STI) is a leader in online referral platforms in Indonesia. They have been working to implement a tech-based referral system across Indonesia since 2017 with focus in Banten, West Java, and Central Java. Their products are used by 65 districts/cities across Indonesia, and they are contributing to the decrease in maternal and neonatal (MNH) deaths with innovative solutions urgently needed to improve the Indonesian healthcare system. With their holistic approach to healthcare solutions and steady increase in technology adoption, STI has a limitless room to grow and expand across the nation.