Video Editor Consultancy Service (English and/or Bahasa Indonesian)

 Request for Expression of Interest: Video Editor Consultancy Service (English and/or Bahasa Indonesian)



Athena Global Alliance is a decade old, niche consulting firm in impact investing, with a current focus in emerging market financial services. Athena is administering a program in Indonesia to support lending to small and growing businesses, with a focus on women-owned/women-led businesses, called BIDUK.  More information about Athena Global Alliance is available here: and our lead program, BIDUK, here: .


Scope of Work

As part of continuous improvements to our communications strategy and external visibility, Athena requires the support of a video editor to develop short videos to be posted on social media and websites in an effort to increase the visibility of the BIDUK project. 


Content for the videos will be developed through a series of interviews between project staff, partners, and funding agencies conducted via Zoom or similar platforms. These interviews will focus on topical areas relevant to the BIDUK project and may include topics such as gender lens investing, financial products, eco-system and partnerships.  The BIDUK team will arrange the interviews and record the content online. 


The consultancy service is required to edit this content into a series of videos based upon a theme and style aligned with Athena’s corporate communications guidelines.  The theme and style will be agreed in advance with the BIDUK project team. Videos will be edited and prepared for publication via social media periodically (every 6 weeks on average) from late 2020 to mid 2021.


The objective, deliverables, timeline, and responsibilities of the assignment are described below.


i)                Objective

The objective of the assignment is to communicate the work of BIDUK through a series of videos (approximately 10, and maybe more) combining interviews and ‘fire side chats’ among professionals on given topics related to financing and gender-lens investing.  


ii)              Deliverables

The video editor will lead the development of a series of videos for BIDUK, which will include:




(1)   Short videos of 3-6 minutes in duration, showing interviews, debates, fireside chats among professionals.  


This product will represent the majority of the requested outputs

(2)   Long videos of 8-10 minutes, showcasing a mix of speakers and graphics discussing in detail given technical topics.  


To be agreed


·        Depending on the relevance of the topic to both Indonesian and global audiences, some videos may require subtitles in either English or Bahasa. The BIDUK team can support the editor with the development of subtitles.

·        The storyboard for the interviews and their online recording will be provided by the BIDUK team. It is expected that the video editor will collaborate with the team to provide feedback on the storyboard, regarding overall feel, length of exchanges and clarity of content.


iii)             Timeline

The contract will start in October 2020 and end in June 2021.



iv)             Responsibilities

As part of their main responsibilities, the video editor will:

·       Work remotely online to create short, high quality videos for online sharing purposes.

·       Advise on all technical aspects of video recording and manage editing, including:

  • Gather and transfer all online interviews into editing software and ensure each is updated in the correct format.
  • Operate computer editing systems and equipment used for video media and effects.
  • Edit video to include preselected music, interviews, sound clips, graphics and messaging (opening and closure).
  • As necessary, improve video and sound quality from recorded interviews using various video software.

·        Work with the project team to establish desired feel and look of the video to be created.

·        Follow the company's brand guidelines regarding use of logos, colors and font.

·        Present drafts to management.

·        Ensure the correct formatting and presentation for finalized videos according to client's specifications.

v)               Delivery of the Work

It is expected that the contractor will work remotely, liaising with the BIDUK team through phone and videoconference calls (e.g. using the platform Zoom). The contractor will be reporting to BIDUK’s Program Manager for their work.


Intellectual Property

Any and all work products, drafts and final outputs are the sole property of Athena Global Alliance, Inc. This is a work for hire contract, and all aspects of Intellectual Property reside with, and must be transferred, if needed, to Athena Global Alliance, Inc, in perpetuity.


The Successful Applicant

General Requirements

To be successful, you should be/have:

·        Bachelor’s degree in communications, film editing or related.

·        Three years of experience as a video specialist or similar role.

·        Some experience of using video and editing equipment and inserting sound effects, music and transitions.

·        Creative thinker.

·        Good time-management skills.

·        Great interpersonal and communication skills.

·        Knowledge and a good understanding of motion graphics is preferred.


Interested applicants are required to submit their CVs with a 2-page proposal in English, including timeline for video development (both long and short video options) and associated costs, to by 22 October 2020.