FHI 360 MADANI IT Vendor: Web Developer and Maintenance

IT Vendor: Web Developer and Maintenance of USAID-MADANI Website

FHI 360 is looking for an IT vendor to develop, host and maintain the MADANI Civil Society Support Initiative project website.

MADANI is a five-year, $19.8 million initiative funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) implemented by FHI 360. It aims to improve local civil society’s capacity, legitimacy, and sustainability to strengthen government accountability and community tolerance in 32 districts in Banten, East Java, South Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, West Java, and Central Java. MADANI fosters a more vibrant, reputable, and self-reliant local civil society in which decision making takes place in partnership with local governments that are accountable and welcoming to all citizens and capable of combating communal intolerance. The program goal is that local civil society will better be able to advocate for government accountability and communal tolerance at the district level, including in the health sector.

MADANI’s communication strategy and plan emphasizes the importance for the project to have a project website. The website will be used as an information hub to inform and educate different audiences about the program, such as project description, project reports and publications for download, local CSO partner profiles, impact stories, news and events calendar. It will be updated regularly. MADANI does not expect this to be an interactive website: it will be a repository of MADANI documents/pages that can be viewed and downloaded. The website will be linked to MADANI’s internal MIS, based on SharePoint and PowerBI, as well as link to MADANI’s Innovation and Knowledge Hub (iHub – www.simpulmadani.com).

MADANI is presently looking for a firm to develop the website based on MADANI and USAID requirements and host the website during 12 months, including updating the website on request (with an option to extend the contract).

Project Activities: The vendor will work based on following activities:

·       Develop an attractive design, advanced system as well as user-friendly operation website, including creates the look, layout, and features of the website based on USAID regulations and FHI 360 policy (considering UX experience, graphic design, and other functionality). The website will consider user privacy and security;

·      Provide a hosting for the website, CMS and its update, analytics, and other components to support the website, include data back up

·      Prepare a document to explain the specification, user guidelines, and contingency plan in case the website goes down

·      Provide guidelines and content management system (CMS) for the website administrator to familiarize new users with the features available in the website

·      The website is required to comply with Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to ensure their information systems are accessible to users with disabilities.

·      Host, maintain and regularly update the website with new material to be submitted by MADANI.

·      Regularly inform to MADANI on the progress of the web development

·      Able to troubleshoot issues quickly and to stay up to date on current and emerging technologies, standards, and trends.

The total cost for developing the website should not exceed 250 million for the design and 7 million per months for maintenance.  It is expected that the website will be developed within 60 days of the contract and live within 90 days.


·      Previous experience in developing websites for donor projects. USAID experience is preferred

·      Familiarity with policy and solutions to make websites accessible for people with disability

·      Solid knowledge and experience in programming applications.

·       Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, web design, and project management.

·       Knowledge of programming language and technical terminology.

·       Able to develop ideas and processes and clearly express them.

·       The company should have expertise in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to

support e.g., dashboards and modify as needed.

·       User interface design: ability to create user-centered design, making the user’s experience as seamless as possible.

·       Ability to provide the outline website design, development strategy, recent design, and development examples

How to Apply :

Applications should include past experience of the vendor, proposed roadmap for developing and maintaining the website, CV of proposed staff, and proposed costs, should be marked “Web Developer” and be submitted via e-mail to Procurement-Madani@fhi360.org. Award will be made to the offer which is determined to be best value and responsive to the above terms.

Deadline for submission: Friday 30 October 2020 at 18:00 WIB

Only vendors selected for interview will be contacted