Vacancy: Video Production and Editing Specialist, USAID CEGAH

Video Production and Editing Specialist

USAID CEGAH, Jakarta, Indonesia

Working Period: Max 40 days (RT 16)

October – December 2020

Company Profile: 

MSI, a Tetra Tech Company, is a Washington, D.C. metro area international development firm with a 35-year history of delivering development results across the world. Our core expertise is in the fields of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), institutional development, public sector management, governance and anti-corruption. MSI has implemented projects in 90 countries around the world such as Jordan, Kenya, Indonesia, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Colombia and Mexico. As one of the leading companies in our field, MSI has partnered with organizations across all sectors of international development to support clients ranging from large bilateral and multilateral donors such as USAID, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program to national and local governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, foundations and universities. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at

Project Summary:

CEGAH is a 5-year USAID-funded accountability and integrity program that works with a wide range of Indonesian governmental and non-governmental agencies. The program runs between 2016 and 2021. The project is implemented by Management Systems International (MSI).


Jaga is an application developed by KPK to prevent corruption by encouraging transparency in public services and government asset management.  It seeks to involve the community to monitor, propose improvements and report irregularities.  Jaga also aims to encourage and engage various government agencies to respond to feedback from citizens particular those from vulnerable sectors of the community.

Jaga Bansos is a new feature of Jaga designed to respond to the present Coronavirus pandemic.  It is a corruption prevention platform which seeks to provide a channel to report and register complaints regarding the distribution of Bansos, a cash transfer program designed to support poorer and vulnerable sectors of Indonesian society and mitigate financial dislocation.  It also seeks to achieve a balanced and effective distribution of Bansos and prevent fraud, corruption and misappropriation in the distribution process.  Overall, Jaga Bansos aims to encourage the public to provide feedback, improve data quality and engage the community in a discussion on relevant issues and concerns regarding the implementation of the government’s cash transfer program. 

Jaga Bansos is a web-based and mobile-based application available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.  It is available on a 24-hour basis on the Jaga website and on the mobile application.  The public can file their complaints through the discussion feature with an additional wizarding feature that is ideal for clustering.  The citizen’s complaints are then forwarded to the LAPOR! National Complaints Handling System and a dedicated KPK team for action and follow-up.  Guidance on the manner of filing complaints are posted as FAQ’s on the Jaga website and on the mobile application.  The Jaga reporting platform is maintained by a Jaga technical team under KPK supervision.

Due to the stature and credibility of KPK as the country’s premier accountability and anti-corruption institution, the probability of action on referrals made by government on the complaints coursed through Jaga Bansos is high.  However, there is a need to further engage the public, promote the platform and enhance its visibility across the various sectors of Indonesian society.  In this regard, a communications strategy and a communications action plan need to be developed to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the distribution of Bansos and prevent further financial dislocation of vulnerable sectors of the community.  In this regard, KPK seeks to partner with USAID CEGAH for the development and implementation of such strategy and action plan.

In a nutshell, KPK envisions the development of a communications strategy which will outline the various steps to promote not only Jaga Bansos but Jaga ID that covers other relevant transparency and accountability issues to all sectors of Indonesian society.  The communications action plan, on the other hand, will seek to implement the strategy and require the placement of promotional infographics, electronic posters, videos and other promotional or educational content on television, radio, print and social media.  The overarching placement strategy will involve both online and offline approaches.

Position Summary:

The proposed position is expected to be held by a mid- to senior-level video production and editing specialist with substantial experience in producing, directing and editing promotional videos as part of a public education campaign or pursuant to the implementation of a communications strategy.    The proposed specialist will work with a dedicated team from KPK and with the Senior Communications Strategy Adviser to produce, direct and edit short videos reflecting stories that promote Jaga Bansos and other relevant transparency and accountability issues.  The work requires extensive coordination with various units of KPK, various stakeholders in and out of government, media organizations, and with USAID CEGAH and the development community.


Under the supervision of KPK, and the Senior Communications Adviser, the proposed specialist will produce, direct and edit various video materials to promote not only Jaga Bansos, but also Jaga ID with other relevant transparency and accountability issues identified by KPK.

Scope of Work:

The proposed Video Production and Editing Specialist will perform the following tasks:

1.  Prepare a workplan

2.  Conduct meetings with the Jaga Technical Team and other stakeholders

3.  Prepare a video content plan for various platforms depending on KPK


4.  Work closely with KPK to prepare storyboards and scripts for the various videos

    to be produced

5.  Develop at least five to seven (5-7) short videos to promote Jaga and Jaga ID

    with other relevant transparency and accountability issues identified by KPK.

6.  Provide technical advice to KPK and the Jaga Technical Team

7.  Perform such other functions as may be necessary to implement this scope of       



The proposed Video Production and Editing Specialist will produce the following:

1.  Approved workplan

2.  Approved storyboards and scripts

3.  5 (five) short videos promoting Jaga and other relevant transparency and accountability issues identified by KPK ready for uploading as requested by the KPK Technical Team and the Senior Communications Strategy Adviser;

4.  Consultant’s Report 

All deliverables must be approved by KPK and USAID CEGAH.

General Provisions and Limitations:

It is strongly required that the consultant give regular updates to KPK and USAID CEGAH during the development process;

All deliverables must be approved and received by KPK

All final decisions related to this project will be made by USAID CEGAH; and

Any communication with USAID is the authority of the Chief of Party (COP) and MSI/HQ responsible and authorized personnel.


The ideal candidate must have the following qualifications:

1.        A practicing video producer and editor with at least three (3) years experience in producing, directing and editing promotional and educational video materials

2.        Practical experience with social media communications and preparation of video materials for social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Facebook, among others

3.        Superior ability to use video production computer applications

4.        Familiarity with public service and/or e-government;

5.        Prior experience working with government clients is preferred; and

6.        Good management skills and can perform work with minimal supervision.

7.        Good analytical and communication skills.

Application should include a CV and contact information by October 03, 2020 at the latest. Please send applications to Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer