Consultancy Opportunity: Graphic Designer

Consultancy Opportunity: Graphic Designer

Yayasan IPAS Indonesia is a non-profit is a local foundation works as affiliation of Ipas global so that women and girls have improved sexual and reproductive health and rights through enhanced access to and use of safe abortion and contraceptive care as per Indonesia’s Law.

Yayasan IPAS Indonesia supports Government of Indonesia’s effort to reduce maternal mortality and improve reproductive health wellbeing of women and girls, by working to strengthen the health system in close collaboration with Ministry of Health, also other government agency/institution and to engage community through health education and campaign in collaboration with other local civil society organizations.

Yayasan IPAS Indonesia plans to produce campaign and education materials such as guide books for health workers and professionals, learning modules, flyers, posters, videos, infographics, etc. We are currently seeking Graphic Designer to produce those materials.

Scope of Work

The Graphic Designer will work with the Yayasan IPAS’ Communications Specialist, and other relevant Yayasan IPAS staff.

Graphic designer will:

-        Create and develop graphic design including layout design for campaign, education-information-communication materials, and media promotion.

-        Create images that identify a product or convey a message.


-      A minimum of bachelor’s or diploma degree in visual art major or visual communication design major.

-      Minimum of three (3) years’ experience working with NGOs and or CSO in a similar role is essential.

-      Minimum of three (3) years’ demonstrable skills and experience directly and indirectly campaigning work in human rights, social justice, women’s empowerment, and reproductive health issues is highly desirable.

-      Demonstrable skills and experience in making effective graphic design for creative campaign and education.

Knowledge and Skills

-      Extensive knowledge and perspective about women's issues, social justice, human rights, and sexual reproductive health and rights.

-      Ability to communicate complex ideas in simple and attractive design.

-      Creative thinking, developing, designing or creating new ideas.

-      Master various design software; Adobe, InDesign, Quark, etc.

-      Reachable during working days and easy to communicate, including attending meetings if necessary.

-      Ability to work under a short amount of time.

How to apply

Interested applicants may submit their application to, by indicating the title of consultancy as the subject of the email.

Applications must include a cover letter with indication of expected fee, CV and recent portfolio.

Application shall be sent by 16 August 2020, at the latest.